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Microclear® technology

Adolescent skin problems need specific care. For this, in some of its Visibly Clear® products, NEUTROGENA® uses Microclear® technology which is associated with salicylic acids for a clearer looking skin.

What is Microclear® technology?

Microclear® is a patented technology composed of three ingredients acting in synergy to prepare the skin to receive salicylic acid under good conditions: so that it can act deeply in the pores and release all its efficiency to help get rid of spots.

Microclear®: a unique cocktail of three synergistic ingredients …

  1. Phospholipids, protective emollient agents that make the skin feel softer
  2. Lactate molecules promote the dissolution of sebum
  3. Benzalkonium chloride, a cleansing agent that acts on the source of imperfections


associated with salicylic acid for a clearer skin, which can provide all its efficiency while deeply penetrating pores.

Certain products of the NEUTROGENA® Visibly Clear® range use Microclear® technology to dissolve excessive sebum at the surface of the skin and thus facilitate the penetration of salicylic acid. This ingredient, recognised by dermatologists as it helps get rid of spots, acts deeply within pores to help reduce spots. Salicylic acid is equally well known for its exfoliating properties: it contributes to decreased flaking and unblocks follicles, for skin with a clearer texture.

What effect does it have on the skin? 

Clinically tested, Microclear® technology is especially designed to help clear excessive sebum and spots. Combining this technology with salicylic acid, certain Visibly Clear® products help to efficiently clear the face, helping eliminate imperfections, even controlling their reappearance, all without drying out the skin.


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