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NEUTROGENA® Hydro Boost has been supercharged with a new groundbreaking ingredient!  

Meet Trehalose, Hyaluronic Acid’s new best friend!

Inspired by the revitalising power of nature, NEUTROGENA® Hydro Boost has been supercharged with Trehalose for superior hydration. This natural botanical, forms part of a powerhouse duo alongside Hyaluronic Acid, locking in moisture throughout the day and giving users a superior level of hydration.

The Resurrection Plant, which lives in some of the world’s harshest environments, can miraculously survive for over 50 years without water. Trehalose within the plant helps to retains what little moisture it has, before the plant rejuvenates when it finally comes into contact with water. NEUTROGENA® has harnessed the power of this small-but-mighty botanical to work in tandem with Hyaluronic Acid as part of the next generation of the Hydro Boost range.

Rebecca Bennet, J&J Skincare Expert says, “In recent years, Hyaluronic Acid has become recognised and recommended by dermatologists for offering fantastic skin hydrating benefits. Now, NEUTROGENA® Hydro Boost has fortified this hydration with the addition of Trehalose for an upgraded formula that will lock in these hydrating and moisturising benefits! Skincare just got superior!”


Upgraded Ingredient Offering and Superior Technology

With over 60 years of skincare expertise, NEUTROGENA® has updated the ingredient formula for the existing Hydro Boost range to intensify the products’ hydration and moisturisation benefits. Using a unique Progress Release SystemTM with Hyaluronic Acid, the formula helps to create a hydration reservoir, continually moisturising the skin throughout the day. Trehalose works in partnership with the innovative system to lock in this moisture and protect the skin’s barrier for long lasting, intense hydration.

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