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Skin with imperfections


Even if you do not normally get blackheads, having them is not a tragedy! All you need to know are a few steps to help deal with them. Check out this article for our advice on how to get cleaner, fresher and smoother looking skin!

Blackheads are due to excessive sebum, something which is favourable for the development of spots. It is therefore better to deal with them as soon as they appear. Know that, in order to get a beautiful skin and keep it that way, it is essential to follow good habits on a daily basis.


1. Perform your daily personal hygiene routine with suitable products 

Washing your face day and night is a basic rule. To clean your skin, use a cleansing gel with water. If your skin is sensitive, choose a gentler cleanser, like a cleansing lotion, to look after it.

Before going to bed, you must remove make-up, using make-up remover and cleansers.

Men should take care when shaving, using soothing, antiseptic and antibacterial shaving lotion.

2. Moisturise 

Moisturisation is essential, even for an oily skin, because it contributes to its balance and good health. But not all lotions are suitable.

To clear blackheads, excessive sebum and shine, apply (day after day, it’s essential!) a 2-in-1 moisturising treatment which is both non-comedogenic and purifying, formulated with specific ingredients.

3. Cleanse and release your skin from impurities

According to the sensitivity of your skin, use a gentle exfoliating treatment more or less frequently in order to avoid irritating your skin. The accumulation of sebum and dead skin cells that clog the pores actually cause blackheads and other imperfections. It is therefore necessary to cleanse the skin regularly but gently with the help of an exfoliating treatment and suitable scrubs. Formulated to purify the epidermis, they eliminate impurities, refine the stratum corneum and help make the skin clearer.

A daily personal hygiene routine with suitable products, special moisturising and purifying treatments, then a regular scrub: these 3 steps will help you restore your clear skin. Simple and efficient!

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